Personalised Care Plan

£660/month, 12-month commitment

Plus £2,300 booking fee

  • yes One-to-one service with Dr Atabo, including all correspondence
  • yes Three-hour in-person appointment
  • yes A written therapy plan with resources
  • yes Diet tracking and feedback
  • yes Interpretation of test results
  • yes Monthly review by video
  • yes Email support
  • no Cost of tests and supplements
  • Supplementary Costs

    1. Test Administration Fee

      1. 1 We charge an administrative fee of £30 for each test we order on your behalf, and for each test performed by a third party that you submit to us for inclusion in your assessment.

    2. Continuing Care

      1. 1 Once the Personalised Care Plan is complete, continuing care is available for a monthly subscription. In each case, payments are for a minimum of six months, reviews are by video, and continuing care includes all services offered under the Personalised Care Plan except for the in-person appointment.
      1. 2 Subscription Plans
      1. 2.1 Monthly Review £500/month
      1. 2.2 Review every 2 months £350/month
      1. 2.3 Review every 3 months £275/month
      1. 2.4 Review every 6 months £200/month

    3. Upgrade

      1. 1 Upgrade from a video to an in-person review may be available on request, upgrade fee £500.